Terms & Conditions


**Goods will not be released to the hirer unless the goods are fully insured. The

client must insure the equipment for its replacement value or take out the Abacus

Marquee & Event Hire damage waiver (5% of ex VAT order value). If the client

purchases a damage waiver from Marquee & Event Hire, this covers against theft,

vandalism, fire and explosion and storm and tempest on Marquee & Event Hire

property only with an excess of £650, please refer to Marquee & Event Hire hire


Hire Terms

1. Booking

1.1. Hire period

The hire period is the date(s) that is shown on the quotation as the ‘Event date’.

Use of the equipment on days after the install date and before the strike date,

other than to decorate, ‘set-up’ and pack away, is not permitted.

In the event that the equipment is used for days other than those stated, further

reasonable charges can be imposed on the client by Marquee & Event Hire to

cover wear-and-tear and any support requiring a call-out will be chargeable at a

rate of £60+VAT per person per hour and is subject to availability.

1.2. Making a booking

The equipment inventory must be checked by the hirer and a confirmation e-mail

sent to Marquee & Event Hire stating any corrections or accepting the inventory

as it is. Within this e-mail a request to confirm the booking should be made.

Upon this request an invoice for the deposit (25% of total hire fee) shall be sent to

the client immediately upon an order being placed. The client shall also be aware

that the hire is not confirmed until the deposit is received as cleared funds. The

balance payment is due as cleared funds with Marquee & Event Hire before the

event date stated on the quotation.

1.3. Cancellation

In the event of a full cancellation OR partial cancellation (i.e. items removed

from the inventory) the following charges will be invoiced to the customer to be

paid by the date of the hire. All cancellations will include the loss of the deposit.

• Cancellations more than 28 days before the time of hire – no further charge.

• Cancellations between 14 and 28 days before the time of hire – 20% of the total

hire charge. • Cancellations less than 14 days before the time of hire – 55% of the

total hire charge.

2. The site

2.1. Requirements

All quotations given by Marquee & Event Hire are under the assumption that the

site for erection is level and of a firm stature. The entrance to the site should be of

sufficient size for a large vehicle and its load.

It is also assumed that the area in which the marquee is being erected is of a

suitable size, clear of any animal faeces and clear of obstructions. If access to the

site is prohibited due to ground conditions, Marquee & Event Hire reserves the

right to alter the location of the marquee to a position that is reasonably


2.2. Delays

Marquee & Event Hire reserves the right to charge the client if delays are

encountered as a result of the site not being ready at the time and date agreed. The

hourly charge will be £100.00 and will be divisible to the nearest half hour.

2.3. Damage

The company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the site

included buried features unless clearly marked by the hirer.

The hire charges do not include any repairs or making good to the site that may

be required.

3. Third party cross hires

Marquee & Event Hire does not accept liability for equipment failures from any

of its 3rd party suppliers (i.e.toilets, generators, refrigeration trailers). If the

quotation has been accepted by the client in the form of a deposit being paid to

Marquee & Event Hire against the referenced inventory, it is assumed that the

client has approved the 3rd party contractor and the equipment they supply, and

any grievances will be taken up directly with that supplier.

4. The responsibilities of the client

• The hirer is responsible and will indemnify the company against any loss or

damage whatsoever the cause for all of the equipment on-site for the entire

duration of the hire including installation and removal days unless the hirer has

paid the damage waiver fee referred to on the quotation/confirmation of order.

• If the client purchases a damage waiver from Marquee & Event Hire, this

covers against theft, vandalism, fire and explosion and storm and tempest on

Marquee & Event Hire property only with an excess of £650 payable by the

client. Cross-hired equipment, namely generators, toilets and refrigerator trailers

are not covered.

• The client shall provide clear indication as to where the equipment should be

placed. Alternatively Marquee & Event Hire will set up where it sees fit.

• Only Marquee & Event Hire shall have authorisation to alter any part of the

equipment prior to, during or post erection i.e. the removal of guy ropes is NOT


• The client must leave the marquee in a clean and tidy state, free from any items

not belonging to Marquee & Event Hire. This also includes litter, glassware,

vomit and spillages. Time spent by Marquee & Event Hire employees clearing

items from the marquee will be chargeable at £20.00+Vat per employee per hour.

5. Third party liability

Marquee & Event Hire will not be responsible for, and the client will indemnify

the company against all claims for injury to persons or loss or damage to property

however caused unless it is proved that such injury or damage resulted from

faulty materials, workmanship or negligence.

6. Force Majeure

Whilst every effort will be made by the company to complete any orders, the

company cannot be held liable for non-completion of orders due to matters

beyond its control.