Marquee Lighting Options

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Marquee Lighting instantly transforms a very plain marquee to an utterly brilliant looking venue instantly!  It creates an atmosphere where your guests know they're at the right place as soon as they step into your marquee.  Let's see what will work for you...

It's important to get your marquee lighting right for your event so be sure to get in touch and I'll be happy to advise on what your event requires!

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LED Birthday Lighting Package

From £200

Perfect for milestone Birthday Parties & Weddings who want to amaze their friends at what an awesome venue they’ve got for their party! We’ve brought together four or our lighting sets in one brilliant package giving you’re an instant nightclub atmosphere. It’s four lights for the price of three:

Your LED Birthday Pack Includes:

  • LED Uplighters (Choose any colour, or colour changing mode in time with music)
  • LED Downlight Bar (Works well over a dancefloor)
  • LED Fairy Lighting
  • 4x LED Cube Seats (Really cool chill out area!)

Perfect for Weddings, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th and 50th Birthday parties!


LED Up-lighting

From £45 per set

LED Uplighters give your venue instant colour – in any colour you want!  You can have the all set to your favourite colour or have them completely multi-coloured.

If your marquee has lining installed uplighters reflect the lining well from it – they’re a great combination.

They can even change colour in time with the music too which looks amazing!!

We can even put the uplighters inside your home instantly creating a party atmosphere in a living room, kitchen or dining room. This is particularly popular if the marquee is attached to your house – so both rooms are set up the same.

They can also be used in venues such as town halls, golf clubs and any location that needs an instant uplift spreading a wash of colour on walls, entrances, columns and doorways to revitalise your event venue!


LED Fairy Lighting

From £45

Add some Fairy Lights to add some sparkle to your party! Perfect for most events our fairy lights are arranged in the ceiling to give you a midnight sky effect all twinkling up above your guests’ heads. If your marquee is lining we hide the fairy lights underneath the lining and they twinkle through!

Creates a really nice affect and can even be appreciated during daytime events.


LED Downlight Bar


Perfect for going over dancefloors to make a truly awesome atmosphere!

This brings a lot of light onto the dance floor and changes colour in time with the music. Fantastic addition for birthday parties to get a great nightclub feel.


Chandelier Lighting

£30 each

Chandelier Lighting are mostly suited in larger marquees for anniversaries, weddings, corporate and family events.

They come with a dimmer control and add a touch of class to your marquee!


Globe or Strip Lighting

£30 per set

Even if your event is a day event we would always recommend Globe Lighting as a basic option in case it’s a dark day.

The Lights are installed in the ceiling, and if your marquee has lining too – they will be hidden under the lining to shine through. Globe lights are recommended for all events.