Flooring Ideal For All Events

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Our standard colour is called anthracite. It is a very dark grey and being a neutral colour it won’t clash with any of your colour themes you have planned. We’re more than happy in providing you different colours for a small additional investment.

Having a carpeted marquee alongside the hard floor is our ‘minimum recommendation’ as we think your marquee looks far better with a carpet than without. You can still have your marquee with no floor if you prefer.


Hard Flooring

Your first option we always recommend would be hard flooring – whether your marquee is on a patio, hardstanding, grass or decking.  Hard Flooring gives you’re a firm base to be walking on.  Especially when your guests are elderly, wearing high heels or you have chairs and tables sticking into the soft ground – hard flooring is highly recommended!

We would still recommend the flooring even on patio – as it raises the floor above ground by over an inch ensuring the carpet doesn’t get wet if it’s raining. This again would be highly recommended if you’d like your marquee attached to your house. Otherwise with a wet floor your guests will be bringing in moisture and dirt into your house!