Luxury Loo Hire
Ideal for all events

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If the thought of 80 people walking in and out of your house doesn’t sit well with you then Event Loo hire for house parties are a great idea.

A cheaper option than cleaning your downstairs carpets too!


Luxury Loo Trailers

If you’re wanting something a bit classy for your event then look no further than a luxury loo trailer. Tailored towards weddings, corporate and high end events the luxury loo’s are your perfect solutions. They come in a range of sizes to suit any capacity of guests you may have.

Carrying Baylis & Harding products with ‘proper sinks’ a luxury loo trailer are perfect for weddings and corporate events.


Event Portable Loo’s

These Portable Loo’s are a great option for birthday parties and family events. One for the boys and one for the girls the loo’s all come with all the ancillary equipment and a light for evening events. They require no input from yourselves nor require a water supply – hassle free at its finest!